Whole Home Surge Protector

Want the best of protection from electrical issues? Look for a whole-home surge protector.

There are many advantages to using one. The most important function is protection for you, your family, and even your pets. If lightning happens to strike, a whole-home surge protector will take the brunt of the impact. However, safety for individuals in the home is not the only benefit. Whole-home surge protectors also protect all the devices and appliances you have connected to the electrical system in your home.

Obviously, these devices are not anywhere near as important as the people and pets in the house. However, many people have thousands of dollars worth of equipment connected to the household electrical supply, to say nothing of the valuable files stored in the memory of those devices. When you consider all you could lose to one lightning bolt, it is clear that you should have a whole-home surge protector. Need a little more convincing?


A device as technologically advanced and effective as this is usually quite expensive. However, these products are only $200 to $500, depending on the model. The installation costs for these devices are also minimal. It’s a small investment for very valuable protection.


Everybody is familiar with power strips, which are essentially miniature versions of whole -home surge protectors. They are effective in protecting specific devices from surges. In fact, you might have a few of these working throughout your home right now.

However, power strips have one serious weakness: They are only good for one surge. After that, they are no longer reliable to protect against any further electrical surges. This is not the case with whole-home surge protectors. Whole-home devices can handle multiple surges, making them much more convenient and giving you more peace of mind.

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits talk the options over with a professional. Contact us today for more information!