Cut Heating Costs

Are you looking for tips to help you cut your heating costs this winter?

Everyone is looking for ways to reduce heating costs. Winter heating can be incredibly expensive and, unfortunately, this expense is hard to get around. However, some tried and true methods will allow you to cut your winter heating costs significantly. Here are the first steps you should take to reduce that bottom line.


Natural gas is the cheapest commonly available heating fuel. On average, it costs between $600 and $700 to heat a home for the winter with natural gas. In comparison, it costs roughly $1,600 to heat an average-sized home with heating oil and $1,750 to use propane. Electric heating is even more expensive at a whopping $2,135 for a season on average. It does cost around $10,000 to switch your heating system to natural gas, but the initial cost pays for itself in roughly seven years. After that, you’re simply saving more and more each season.


Less than reputable companies try to push duct cleaning on uninformed homeowners as a way to cut heating costs. While duct cleaning is a necessary part of home maintenance, it will not decrease heating bills unless the ducts are completely clogged – and that is quite unlikely. Sealing the ducts, however, is a different story. Experts say that 25 to 40 percent of conditioned air vanishes through leaking ducts. Obviously, this is a significant amount that can raise your heating bills by hundreds of dollars each winter.

In the past, tape was the go-to solution to seal air conditioning ducts. While sealing ducts with tape was somewhat effective, these days, ducts are often sealed with a special chemical sealant. This sealant works quite well and results in fewer leaks over time.

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