Dealing with common winter heating issues? We can help you get the heat going again.

Have you ever wondered about common winter heating issues and how to fix them? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, nearly everybody who lives in a location with cold winters will eventually have some heating issues. These problems can reduce the level of comfort in your home or lead to a nasty surprise when your heating bill arrives. Some issues can even do both. Let’s talk a bit about the most common issues and what causes them.


A furnace that stops working with no warning is fairly common. The loss of power can happen as a result of several problems, either with the furnace itself or the home’s power. It could be a power outage or surge, broken pilot light, or malfunctioning ignition system. Though a power outage or surge will be readily apparent to a homeowner, other problems likely require a professional to figure out the fix.


Problems with heat cycling happen almost as often as heat loss problems. Heat cycling is when a furnace turns itself on, then off, then on again, in a constant cycle for no apparent reason. Heat cycling problems are often caused by a clogged filter or dirty blower, which in turn cause less than optimal air flow. The result is often cycling of the furnace. Note that a faulty thermostat may also cause cycling. A homeowner can change out the filters and clean the blower, but if that doesn’t help the problem, it’s time to call the pros.

Now that you know a thing or two about common winter heating issues and how to fix them, contact our team of experts at Certified Electric, Inc., to learn how we can help.