One of the nicest blessings about modern homes is that they tend to have doors and also windows that are sealed well. If you have a newer home, you may have noticed that it warms up or cools down nicely with minimal energy expenditure. The problem is that well-sealed homes don’t just keep the cold or hot outdoor air from invading. They also keep stale air from getting out of the house, reducing air quality inside. Certified Electric, Inc. can help you solve that problem with our complete line of ventilators and ventilation products.

Our products are designed to allow fresh air in and also keep contaminated air out, all while improving heating and cooling efficiency in the home.

Performance™ series energy recovery ventilator

These ventilators are perfect for the summer months when you need to replace the stale indoor air inside your home with fresh outside air by using the outgoing air to precondition incoming air. This helps maintain efficiency within your system. These ventilators are specially designed with treated paper cores which help reduce humidity from the air before it enters your home.

Comfort trade series energy recovery ventilators

If the summer months are hot and also sticky in your area, these ingenious and efficient ventilators are made for you. They quietly replace stale indoor air with fresh outside air using the outgoing air to precondition incoming air, and also helping keep your system efficient. Using specially designed, treated paper cores, they are able to reduce humidity from the air before it enters your home.

Performance™ series heat recovery ventilators

For homeowners that live in areas with long winters and shorter, drier summers, a heat recovery ventilator helps make your indoor air fresh at all times. These ventilators are great at retaining heat energy to prevent your system from having to work harder.

When you contact us, our friendly staff members and service technicians will outline the ventilation products we have available and help you make an informed decision about what products to use in your home.

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