Check out these three ways to save electricity this winter.

Are you looking for ways to save on electricity this winter by improving your electrical system? There are many simple steps you can take. We are going to highlight three ways to give you the help you need to avoid high electrical bills during the difficult winter.


Before winter rolls around, call a professional to look through your electrical system and identify any common electrical issues. These problems include:

  • Poor wiring
  • Shorts in the system
  • Disconnected areas
  • Poorly insulated areas

After spotting these problems, get them fixed right away. This action should help improve your electrical efficiency and keep you from financial loss as a result.


A programmed thermostat can help you save electricity by decreasing your use during the day. For example, if you program your thermostat to keep a minimum temperature of about 60 degrees Fahrenheit while you’re at work, you avoid excessive electrical use. More importantly, you also decrease your HVAC costs.


Consider installing more windows and sliding glass doors in your house to save on your electrical bills during the winter. These areas add more light to your home, which means you avoid turning on the lights earlier than normal. Make sure, however, to carefully seal and insulate these areas, as they can be a significant source of lost heat if improperly managed.


When the sun is out, take advantage of that beautiful natural lighting by opening your blinds. This action will not only help make your home brighter but will also tap into the natural beauty of the scenery. Even better, snow will reflect light back up to you and not only heat your home a little better but provide it with a brighter interior.

Take the time to perform these simple tips and contact our team of experts at Certified Electric, Inc., if you need extra help. Let us connect you with the incredible electrical savings you deserve this winter.