Are you thankful for your HVAC?

As fall approaches and Thanksgiving nears, it is important to take time to understand your heating and air conditioning system and be thankful it is here to protect you. Though you may not think of it that often, a high-quality HVAC system provides you with many reasons to be happy you own one. We are your local air conditioning repair, installation, and service choice.


As the winter temperatures increase in intensity and the world continues to get colder, be thankful you have an HVAC system! Imagine what it must have been like for people 100 years ago when heating was more difficult and complex. They had to deal with wood stoves, coal, and other items that were expensive to buy and difficult to store.

In modern times, an HVAC system provides homeowners with a comfortable level of heat that feels great, and that’s hard to beat. So even if you sometimes grumble at your bill, be thankful that you don’t have to worry about coal supply or fight off annoying insects that come in on your firewood every evening.


You may not be facing sweltering temps now, but just think how in the heat of the summer life can be a major bummer without an HVAC system. Temperatures of 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit will feel even worse when trapped inside a house without air conditioning. Even more importantly, air conditioning may actually be a life-saving situation for many people.

For example, a good air conditioning system can keep older individuals and children (those who are more at risk for heat exhaustion) safe from grave danger. It also makes it possible to sleep at night without suffering from severe heat risk. You can even enjoy sleeping curled up in a comfy blanket. Be thankful that HVAC systems keep you safe during those months!


Your HVAC system will automatically clean your air and keep its quality safer and cleaner. As a result, you and your family are less likely to suffer from severe allergic reactions to certain “trigger” items, like pet dander and dust mites. Living a happier and healthier life makes a well-working heating and air conditioning system something you should truly be thankful for this year!

If you aren’t feeling thankful about your heating and air conditioning this Thanksgiving, get in touch with our team at Certified Electric, Inc. for expert service, repair and maintenance.