Home Carbon Monoxide Detector

Most homeowners don’t give a moment’s thought to getting a home carbon monoxide detector to go with their heating and air conditioning system. That’s probably because few people consider all the possible sources of carbon monoxide leaks in the typical house.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that carbon monoxide poisoning kills 500 Americans and sends 15,000 additional people to the emergency room each year. Here are a few indications that you should have a home carbon monoxide detector if you have a heating and air conditioning system:

  • Fuel-burning appliances and heaters pose the most common threat for carbon monoxide leaks. A gas stove and propane heater are two examples. A carbon monoxide detector installed near the kitchen and furnace will alert you if one of the gas-powered devices leaks poison into your home.
  • Fireplaces and woodstoves help make millions of homes cozy, inviting and warm. But a poorly-vented chimney or flue can direct carbon monoxide right into your house. Installing a carbon monoxide detector near your fireplace adds another level of protection for your family.
  • An attached garage also puts a house at greater risk of dangerous carbon monoxide levels. CO is odorless and invisible, which makes it impossible to detect without a specialized device. Install a carbon monoxide detector near your garage door to keep toxic gas from harming your family.

Choosing and installing a carbon monoxide detector (or two, or three) is an important job. To best protect your family, hire a professional to guide you through the process.

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