How should you handle these household electrical problems? Discover why using a professional electrician is vital.

The older a house is, the more electrical problems you tend to encounter. An aging home’s electrical system can’t keep up with modern electricity needs. Old fixtures and wiring can wear out and cause fire hazards. If your house is getting up there in years, here are some common household electrical problems to watch for:

  • Ground fault clearance indicator (GFCI) outlets didn’t become standard until a few decades ago. If your house dates to the 1960s or earlier, you might not have any GFCI outlets in your home. This means you aren’t fully protected from electrical shorts. Call an electrician to get these outlets upgraded before tragedy occurs.
  • Many older outlets accept only two-prong plugs. This presents an obvious problem when you need to plug in a three-prong appliance. Whatever you do, do not try to cut the third prong off your plugs! They are there for an important reason. Upgrading your outlets is a simple process that a certified electrician can take care of fast.
  • Older electrical panels were not designed to accommodate today’s appliances, electronics, entertainment systems, hot tubs, etc. If you trip circuit breakers on a regular basis, it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel. A good electrician can recommend and install the best panel design for your needs.
  • An aging HVAC system will do a poor job of heating and cooling your home. Installing high-efficiency HVAC equipment will keep your home more comfortable and reduce your utility bills at the same time.


If you live in the Brunswick area and need to get some electrical issues fixed, Certified Electric can help. Our team of highly trained electricians can assist you with these and many other electrical problems plaguing your home. Contact us to schedule your appointment.