Ceiling Fan Benefits

Contrary to what you might believe, ceiling fans can help with both heating and air conditioning.

Unlike other heating and air conditioning components, ceiling fans often get neglected once the heat of summer gives way to winter’s chill. This is a mistake, however, as the fans can still help you stay comfortable — even during the coldest months of the year. They can also help you save big on heating costs! Here are two benefits of reversing your ceiling fans this winter:


Hot air travels upward, which means that in many cases, the air you’re paying to heat will end up hovering around your ceiling. Assuming you’re not a giant, you won’t be enjoying it anymore — unless you have a ceiling fan! By reversing the fan rotation (so that it’s clockwise) and keeping the speed low, you’ll be able to draw a room’s cold air upward, which in turn will gently force the warmer air back down where it can warm the room again.


Your ceiling fans can’t create hot air on their own, but they can still make you feel warmer by redistributing the air you’ve already heated. This increase in comfort requires very little energy consumption (fans use considerably less power than HVAC units), which means you can actually maintain similar levels of comfort with a lower thermostat setting. This translates to lower utility bills, but just as important, it gives your HVAC a break. The less strain on your system, the longer it will last. In other words, the savings will just keep stacking up.

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